Week 6: Commenting and Visiting

This week I visited and commented on Loic’s PostAxel’s PostKaiya’s Post, and Josie’s Post.

Loic wrote about Donald Trump, Axel wrote about Fairytale (the anime). Kaiya wrote about the top ten best lunches according to her classmates, and Josie wrote about the top ten strangest animals ever!

What I’ve enjoyed most about commenting is that I can give people positive feedback, and tell people my personal opinion, or agree with theirs!

What’s annoying about commenting is when I write a comment, and then when I try to post, the internet connection times out! And then I have to remember what I wrote and type it all over again. Annoying, right?!

I found interesting posts to comment on by going on the Flipboard by Miss W and pressing Ctrl F and searching for the topic I’m interested in. Try it now! Press Ctrl F, type in a word, and it should tell you whether or not it’s on the page and where it is.

(Are your posts getting lots of quality comments? Why or why not?) Yes, I’m getting quite a lot of quality comments on my posts, but not as much as one of my classmatesm who has almost 100! Most of the people commenting are my classmates and people I’ve interacted with.

Some things to write when you’re commenting to get the most out of a conversation are:

  •  “Another thing to consider is…”
  • “I can relate to this…”
  • “This makes me think of…”

Now go out there and write some quality comments! 😀

Thx for reading 😛


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