Packed Lunch vs School Lunch

At my school, we have a mini restaurant called “Shady Shack” where students can buy lunch if they didn’t bring lunch from home.

I interviewed my Technology class to see who bought at Shady’s regularly and who usually brings lunch from home.

Out of 16 students (including me), 5 students bring food from home, 3 students buy from Shady’s, and 8 students do both.

Next, I made a Google Forms and asked my classmates to fill it out.

The most popular responses are:

  • People eat both bought and brought food, and mostly sandwiches.
  • Most people sometimes eat a well-balanced breakfast before school.
  • Most people sometimes skip lunch.
  • 100% of responses believe eating lunch is important.
  • Finally most people are still hungry during school even though they eat.

I intend to share it with my school so that they can fill it out as well. And people are already starting to! 😀

You can fill out the form too if you would like: Packed Lunch vs School Lunch.

In conclusion, I found out today that students alternate between bringing their lunch from home and buying lunch.

Thx for reading! 🙂

-Z 😛


8 thoughts on “Packed Lunch vs School Lunch

  1. Hello Zelda,
    I enjoyed reading your post, It was quite interesting. I actually believe that bringing lunch from home is better because you an pack yourself a healthy nutritional lunch.
    A Fellow Blogger,
    Jack Bussiere

    1. Thx for reading!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      I agree with you: packed lunch is WAY healthier than cafeteria lunch.

  2. Hello Zelda,
    This is a great post because it made me think of what I should do about lunch. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Zelda,
    It’s interesting how many people actually skip lunch even though most think it is important to eat lunch, but it still makes sense why many skip lunch if you consider how many students do homework or see teachers during lunch time.
    – Alex O

    1. Yeh Alex you’re right,
      But it still irritates me that so many people skip lunch when they shouldn’t
      No wonder they’re so hungry during the day! And they need nutrition 😛

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