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Time for another Technology project! Remember my Genius Hour post? Now I’m doing a second project, with a catch.

This time, to expand my research to other people, I had to make a Twitter account and find people who were in the same “field” as me. The topic I chose for my project was art, mainly manga. I made a list in which I added 10 people who were experienced in character design:











There were two parts of this project (this reflection being the 3rd), but I was supposed to mention all of them in separate tweets (20 tweets in total), introducing myself and then asking them a specific question on my topic.

I followed them and they all followed me back in return. All except two answered to my introduction tweet. I mainly asked them questions like “when did you start drawing?” and “what painting software do you use?” and “are you a full-time artist?” and “did you get the idea to become an artist from manga?”. I asked them these questions to see if they could help me improve as an artist.

The second questions I tweeted out to them were a little bit more specific. This time only 4 people answered me. I asked questions like for tips on how to improve and advice on drawing hands body proportions (since that’s where I need to improve the most), and also how they found their own unique art style. I’m still continuing a conversation with these people, and I really connected with two people, since we talk a lot about my topic and other things.

Finally, how will this help me in school and in the future? Well, I was hoping to get into an art school, or at least take an art class. Art has always been my passion and I’m hoping that if I improve, I can use my art to send messages to people, and make a difference in how they see the world.

If you guys would like, you can check out my Twitter.

Thx for reading! 😀


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