Is the universe (space and time) manipulable?


“Doctor Who” by MrsIncredible

Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows EVER. But I’ve also had a while to think about it…Time travelling isn’t actually possible.

Okay, it’s not that time travelling is necessarily impossible, but it’s an incredibly bad idea. If you went back into the past to try to change something, like a mistake maybe, it would eventually change someone else’s life, probably not for the best. This is called the “Butterfly Effect”, which is the “sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”. You can read more about it here (and this is where the quote comes from). Furthermore, let’s say time travelling is completely possible for anyone in the future, which means that if you mess up someone else’s life by fixing yours, eventually everyone will go back into the past trying to fix their lives. It will become a continuous system, and people will keep trying to fix their lives over and over again, which over time will create a complete imbalance in the space-time continuum. Humanity will just have to accept that everyone makes mistakes, and that fate wants you to learn from them.

From the movie “Paprika”(2006) by Satoshi Kon

Now for another major question: What would you do if you could stop time?

“Paprika” is a movie directed by Japanese film director Satoshi Kon (who unfortunately died in 2010 🙁 …r.i.p). I won’t spoil the whole thing for you guys, it’s actually a really great movie, if you guys wanna watch it 🙂 , but the main idea of the movie is that the dream world and reality have merged together, and now anything is possible. This was all mostly caused by a women named Dr. Atsuko Chiba, who’s nicknamed “Paprika”, and she’s in the middle of all this chaos, able to control reality and the dream world, giving her the ability to control time and space (since in the dream world, time and space isn’t stable). Go check out the movie if you guys want 🙂

Before watching this movie, I was completely convinced that stopping time is 100% impossible. And I still think it kinda is. The universe is controlled by the space-time continuum, which means it’s continuous, and stopping something that’s keeps going on and on for eternity is impossible, isn’t it? Even if you had the power the stop time for everyone around you, you would stop as well, since you are also part of the universe. If you stopped the universe there would no way of unstopping it, since the universe is a physical thing and depends on time and space to function. If time is stopped, then space will stop as well, changing space (like moving, etc) takes time, even if it’s a few milliseconds. Time is independent, but space depends on time, and the universe is dependent on space and time.

Now, I didn’t say it was entirely impossible, because after watching Paprika, I learned that a scenario like the movie is possible. If in the future, humanity managed to merge the dream world and reality, anything could be possible, manipulating time and space being one thing. Manipulating time would be stopping time and time-travelling, and manipulating space would be teleportation, travelling to other dimensions, opening wormholes, etc.

So, what do you guys think? Can the space-time continuum be manipulable? Comment your ideas!

Thx for reading 😀


4 thoughts on “Is the universe (space and time) manipulable?

  1. Hello Zelda,
    First thing first. WHOVIAN HIGH FIVE
    Next thing, yes I do think the time space continuum is malleable, however you have to be at, or close to, the speed of light, that it would be impractical.

  2. Technically space is like a parchment, we know this because of how it works with gravity and how it bends. Imagine a towel,that towel is space now drop a tennis ball into it, that tennis ball is a planet, there’s a bend where it is. That’s how gravity works, so technically it could be manipulated, cut, even edited if we somehow got the power to do it. We could control our own little part of the very fabric of space itself.

    That’s pretty crazy

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